Changingborders. Mediatization and Cultural Citizenship.

A Research Project funded by

The Danish National Research Council : Humanities.   


The main concern of the project was to analyze how the internet is used to change the overall media matrix, and the borders between private and public spheres, between political and cultural affairs, between the local, the national, and the transnational public, and between corporations, markets, and civic society. The project provided new insights into significant changes in the relations between public media spaces, and between private and public media spaces.


A survey on media usage in Denmark was conducted in 2009.

Download the report ‘The Media Menus of Danish Internet Users 2009’


Further results are included in a variety of publications and papers listed on these pages.


‘Changingborders. Mediatization and Cultural Citizenship’ was headed by professor Niels Ole Finnemann, Aarhus University, and funded by the National research Council for Communication and Culture, Aarhus University, and the University of Southern Denmark.


The project’s core group also included Per Jauert, Jakob Linaa Jensen, Karen Klitgaard Povlsen, Associate Professors at Aarhus University, and Randi Marselis and Anne Scott Sørensen, Associate professors at the University of Southern Denmark. Lecturer Hans-Peter Degn assisted with survey data analysis.


The project was conducted in 2008-2011 and is now finalized. The website was updated 5 December 2013 and will not be further updated.




All Survey data can be found at Dansk Data Arkiv 

Registered as: DDA-26276: Offentlighedens nye grænseflader, 2009

Funded by The Danish National Research Council : Humanities.   

Grant No: 09-063951

Niels Ole Finnemann

Niels Ole Finnemann

Per Jauert

Per Jauert

Jacob Linaa Jensen

Jakob Linaa Jensen

Randi Marselis

Randi Marselis


Karen Klitgaard Povlsen

Anne Scott

Anne Scott Sørensen